Marketing, public relations, editorial, client communications — it all comes down to one question:

What's your story?

People often ask what I do for a living. My answers vary depending on who's asking, but they always come back to one theme: I tell stories. Of course, that's not my pitch. That nugget goes more like this:

I help organizations win sales and support by better communicating the value of what they do. Often that's through writing, whether it's for a radio spot, website or white paper. And while I can always deliver at that level, I can help the most when I'm in on both planning and production: not just writing copy, but helping businesses take a step back and figure out the best way to reach the people that matter most.

What that really means is that I tell stories (true stories, mind you). Half my job is getting to the heart of the story: What makes this place great? How will this change help our customers? Why does this research matter to Joe and Jane Public? The other half is figuring out the best way to tell it.

My Take on Marketing

I believe good communications follow a simple formula: Determine your audience, learn what matters to them and connect them to relevant information.

I believe in design, creativity and clever words. But more importantly, I believe that effective sales, PR, advertising and donor development are all about education, and they all come down to telling your story in an honest, compelling way.

My Experience

I've done marketing and communications in all media since 1997, covering more topics than you'd believe. Pre-that, I taught writing and worked as a journalist for a few years.

I have degrees in English and psychology and passions for science, health and travel. I've had great mentors and a lot of experience. Together they've made me good at what I do. References will back me on that, and I'd be glad to introduce you to some.

Working with Me

My standard rate is $70/hour, sans nickel-and-diming, discounts for deeper relationships. I'm laid back but focused on outcomes and problem-solving. I have clients that spend a few hundred a year and clients that spend several thousand. If you'd like to know more, get in touch:

And whether or not we work together, I encourage you to think on that crucial question: What's your story?

Eric Van Meter (that's me) offers content planning and development for just about any marketing or communications project you can imagine. He lives in Tucson, Arizona, and works with clients anywhere in the universe.